In his brief yet illustrious career, Julián Valdés has emerged as a standout percussionist, showcasing remarkable talent and versatility. With a natural flair for rhythm and an innate ability to elevate any musical piece, he has swiftly garnered praise and recognition within the industry, cementing his place as a rising star in the world of percussion.

To revive the work of his emblematic group, his father – Chucho Valdés, pianist, composer, arranger, and winner of 13 Grammy Awards, will lead the project “Irakere 50”, accompanied by his son Julian on percussion.  The musicians from his quartet: José A. Gola (electric and acoustic bass), Horacio Hernández (drums), and Roberto Jr. Vizcaíno Torre (percussion), as well as Eddie de Armas Jr. (trumpet), Osvaldo Fleites (trumpet), Luis Beltrán (saxophone), Carlos Averhoff Jr. (saxophone), son of a former deceased member of Irakere, and vocalist Ramón Alvarez, will perform live some of their achievements such as “Bacalao con pan” or “Cien años de juventud” (Hundred Years of Youth).