I was born on September 24, 1985, in Caracas, Venezuela. I grew up in a Spanish colonial style neighborhood named “La Pastora” with my grandmother and my father.

My beginning in the world of music began at home because my father is also a musician (drummer). I always saw him playing for long hours with several bands at home. He used to take me to recording studios and some shows when they were proper for families.

When I was 10, I began to train in a small band in my community, with Professor Narciso Pichardo, who is a teacher with a special pedagogic method. There, I learnt to play piano and flute for three years, but my taste and passion for the drums was bigger and I began to get more professional in this instrument at home.
Years later, my father began to take me with him to shows more often, until one day, he decided to let me be on stage to play a song by the legendary Stevie Wonder “isn’t she lovely.” From that day on, my real career as musician started since in a short time, I started playing drums when my father could not attend a show.
When I was 15, I started playing Gaita (folkloric music in my country, especially for Christmas). Thanks to this, I could participate in a tour throughout Venezuela. One day, I received a phone call from a band which plaid in a well- known bar in the capital city named “El Sarao.” This place was a really great musical school for me. At that time, it was one of the most important show places for the nightlife in Caracas. The most popular music was Salsa Brava over there. I spent six years of my life playing from Monday to Sunday at El Sarao. In that same place, I had the opportunity to play in the bands of internationally recognized artists such as Roberto Lugo for the first time. Then, important musicians with extensive experience were added to my list of performances.
I can also mention that I was drummer of the Roberto Antonio ́s band in the symphonic merengue concert at the theater room named Sala Rios Reyna of the Teresa Carreño Theater.

In 2015, I was certified as an audio engineer at the Audioplace Academy, with Professor Jean Sánchez, who is 3-time Latin Grammy winner.

In 2016, I left my country indirection to Santiago de Chile, a place in which I could find recognition. In Chile, I was fortunate to meet several artists and I also could do musical accompaniments.

I was founder and musical director of La Orquesta La Instantánea, which was made up of Venezuelan, Cuban and Chilean musicians. This orchestra was the protagonist of the first salsa festival in Chile named Salsa Fest 2022, where I could perform for some artists from Puerto Rico, such as Luisito Carrion, Primi Cruz, Tony Vega, Pedro Arroyo and Rafi Andino.

Other artists I’ve worked with include Diveana, Miguel Moly, Jonathan Moly, Karina, Erick Franshesky, Hildemaro, Oscarcito, Víctor Muñoz, Víctor Drija, MC Klopedia, Chyno y Nacho, Elvis Crespo, Alex D’Castro, Eddie Santiago, Willie González, David Pabon , Miles Peña, Pupy Santiago, Nino Segarra, Lalo Rodrígez (rip), Luis Fernando Borjas, Nelson Arrieta, Ronald Borjas, Robbin Pérez and Manolo Lezcano.