My name is Daymi Jaime Illas.

I am a Cuban percussionist. I was born on June 28, 1983 in the municipality of Guanajay in the province of Artemisa in Cuba. My first steps in music were at the age of 10 when I began my studies in the specialty of percussion at the school of music Juan Pablo Duarte from 1993 -1998 where I did my first stage of elementary level in percussion. Later I went to the national music school 1999-2002 and graduated as a professional percussionist. Throughout my career I have been playing with several professional orchestras, including the Caribe Girls Orchestra and the first female orchestra in Cuba. The Anacaona Orchestra. An emblematic female group in the culture and tradition of Cuban music, which I participated in for 14 years of my career. I started as a composer of several musical themes and they were included in several record labels. I was part of an album recorded by the famous singer Concha Buika under the production of Alain Pérez where I recorded the congas in 3 of her songs.. Right now I am in the city of Miami in the United States and I am the founder of the Rhythm Portal percussion project in which I play many percussion instruments Djembe, Congas, Chico, Surdo, musical direction among others. And grateful to life for so many beautiful things that have happened and are about to pass.