Dovelin Primera was born May 19, 1981 in Cabimas Venezuela. In 1995 he received an invitation from Cesar Borjas to join the group Swing Chamo; he would play Bongo with the band while still taking percussion lessons with Zorena Bracho. Dovelin wanted nothing more than to become a professional musician and his admiration for Tito Puente led him to study the Timbale. Dovelin would continue to study under Martinez Hilmer, and in 1997 also studied with the Cabimas Symphony Orchestra.

In addition to his work on the drumset, Dovelin also plays congas, bongos, drums, djembe, cajon and a wide variety of other percussion instruments. Throughout his career he has gained extensive experience playing a number of musical genres: Guaracha, Latin Pop, Salsa, Latin rock, and many others. 

To date, Dovelin has played with Hilmer Martinez and his Orchestra Bochin `ch, Rumba Libre Orchestra, Pillopo, The Blanco Orchestra, Orchestra Guaracha, Argenis Carruyo, Sinigual Orchestra, the Super Combo Tropical Victor Colina Acoustic Band, Ministry Epainos, Lexter Marquez; in addition he has accompanied international Christian artists Jennifer Salinas (Honduras),and Samuel Hernandez (Puerto Rico).