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Nephew of the great Cuban percussionist Guillermo Baretto, Giraldo Piloto Baretto was influenced by his Uncle’s style and touch.  Piloto graduated from the Cuban National School of Art in 1980 and began his professional career as drummer of the orchestra of the Tropicana night club.  His exceptional talent as musician, arranger, musical director and composer eventually awarded him a vast discography of various orchestras, becoming known around the world.

In 1988. Piloto joined NG La Banda, José Luis Cortes’ group – one of the Cuba’s most respected bands.  As a member, Piloto made himself known as composer and arranger and his themes monopolized Cuban radio.  He went on to work with various artists including Issac Delgado, Gonzalo Rubalcaba and many others and in 1995, he formed his his own band, the renowned group, Klimax.  Spanish radio and TV authority Diego Manrique has called Klímax “the most powerful locomotive of the Caribbean…the most beautiful music from the tropical belt of the planet.”   Piloto’s band Klimax is an artistic-aesthetic project that includes all sorts of Cuban music, Jazz and other Caribbean rhythms,  offering the most genuine and contemporary styles of Cuban popular music.