Jackeline Rago is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, producer and educator who specializes in Venezuelan folk music and also music from other Latin American and Caribbean countries.  Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Rago began playing music at the age of four and was educated in both Venezuelan and classical music with leading musicians in Venezuela. She studied mandolin and cuatro, the national four-stringed guitar of Venezuela, with master folklorist Angel Guanipa; she studied classical mandolin with maestro Ivan Adler at the Caracas Philharmonic Orchestra Conservatory. In addition to the mandolin and cuatro, Rago is an accomplished percussionist and vocalist. She has studied Afro-Venezuelan percussion with Venezuelan master percussionist Alexander Livinalli, Hector Pacheco and Juan Carlos Rico at the Venezuelan Folkloric Institute “Fundación Bigott in Caracas. Rago holds a BA majoring in classical mandolin from the Holy Names College/ Music and Arts Institute of San Francisco, CA, 1992. In August 2012, Jackeline completed the 3 year Orff-Schulwerk teaching certification from San Francisco School-Dominican College, San Francisco, CA.