When other kids were spending their allowances on candy, Patrick Caccia would use the coins his parents gave him to feed the jukebox in the bar beneath the family apartment in Milan, Italy. Nine-year-old Caccia would play records over and over, memorizing every sound he heard and playing along to the beat with forks, spoons and knives on the table in front of him, until he had the drum parts down perfectly. That dedication, fueled by the absolute certainty that he would one day be a professional musician, is what laid the foundation for Caccia’s drumming career.

In his teens, Caccia fulfilled his required stint in the Italian military, which gave him the opportunity to play snare drum. Practicing from sunup till sundown, Caccia was absorbed in mastering the instrument. Soon he had moved from the position of substitute drummer to that of head drummer, playing in the Italian army’s marching band. Caccia also performed in a 30-piece orchestra, touring Europe with a repertoire that included music from big-band jazz to Dixieland to pop.

Following the completion of his military service, Caccia increased his commitment to making music his profession. He graduated from the Professional Center of Music (CPM) in Milan, Italy, where he studied with renowned session player Sergio Pescara and often gave lessons himself. Caccia also kept busy by performing with musical projects spanning the genres of reggae, pop, R&B, fusion and progressive rock. 

In 2000, Caccia made the move to Los Angeles, seeking his future in music. He briefly attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, but cut short his formal studies to pursue his own course. Having been attracted to so many different musical genres all his life, Caccia left California to travel the U.S., touring with Guitar Shorty and learning the rich musical idioms firsthand in the places that spawned them. 

In every American city where Caccia performed, he would immerse himself on his days off in researching music such as traditional jazz, blues and big band, and in teaching himself the various drum grooves that made each musical genre enduringly influential all over the world. During this period, Caccia began in earnest to create his own musical vocabulary and approach to drumming, combining technique with improvisation.

To stretch his skills and knowledge in new directions, he started studying Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian music in 2003 with legendary player Richie Gajate Garcia (Phil Collins, Patty La Belle, Celia Cruz). Caccia concentrated on learning conga fundamentals, then took a master class in salsa/timba playing from acclaimed drummer Joey Heredia (Sheila E, Scott Henderson and Tribal Tech, Steve Lukather), who became Caccia’s mentor and friend.

It wasn’t long before Caccia’s hard work paid off. In early 2004, he got a call from Santana vocalist Andy Vargas to play with Vargas’ solo band in select shows at the prestigious Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. In addition to his gigs with Andy Vargas, Caccia has been working in the recording studio with Joey Heredia on several projects as engineer and co-producer. 

In 2005, Caccia became the drummer for the Eric Sardinas band, opening for Steve Vai internationally and continuing to tour in 2006. This year also sees Caccia featured on drums, percussion and background vocals on the newest Eric Sardinas CD, witch was released in 2008 under record label Favored Nations. 

Caccia also has been appearing as a guest artist on percussion during Steve Vai’s Real Illusion Tour in support of Vai’s current album, performing alongside Vai and accomplished Vai band members Billy Sheehan on bass, Jeremy Colson on drums, Tony McAlpine on keyboards and Dave Weiner on guitar. 

From 2007 Patrick Caccia, starts his own production company called “3FOUR3 Production” and opens his own studio in Los Angeles, California “Cave Stuidos-Los Angeles”. Among his partners, Caccia has: Tom Fletcher (Yess, Toto, Hilary Duff, Steve Lukather and countless platinum and Gold records) and Dave Weiderman (member of the Grammy awards board and one of the founders of Guitar Center).

Late this year, 2012, will see Caccia performing live with his Own band ATOMIX that lately opened shows for globally recognized pop band “Life House”…