Phil M Website


Phil was raised in a family of musicians and was drawn to playing drums at a very young age. His early exposure to the great artists of jazz helped develop his great passion for the music. When he was 16 he began his first serious study with jazz giant Roy McCurdy. Under Roy’s wing Phil learned the language and art of jazz drumming. 

By 18, Phil was already touring the US. Playing and recording with a variety of artists in multiple genres gave him the live playing experience necessary to become a professional musician. By 1986 he had seven albums and two Top Forty hits under his belt!

At 23 Phil graduated from the Musicians Institute (P.I.T) and was soon asked to join the teaching staff. He taught core curriculum and private lessons at P.I.T. from 1987-1997. This offered him the opportunity to develop and teach his very innovative and well received methods “Working the Inner Clock” and “Latin Soloing for the Drumset”. Phil’s products are now distributed by Hal Leonard Publications and are available at your local music store.

Phil currently resides in New York city and continues to work in a wide variety of styles, playing everything from Afro-Cuban music, Big Band, R&B, Straight Ahead Jazz, Rock, World music, and even Punk Rock!