Sammy Perez is a percussionist and educator well versed in indigenous, popular and musical style. Born in New York, Sammy’s family moved to Puerto Rico when he has three years old. Early on, he displayed an interest in rhythm and music but wasn’t until he was seventeen that he began taking his passion seriously, at first playing congas with a local band. 

Within a couple of years, he calling became obvious and Sammy enrolled in the Inter-American University of San German, Puerto Rico earning a Master degree in musical education with percussion major. 

Sammy has worked with the renowned orchestra La Solución, Gilberto Santarosa, Domingo Quiñones, Salsamora group. He also worked with the renowned artist Luis Enrique where he stayed for 7 years. Sammy currently works with the legendary Mulenze orchestra, one of the main orchestras in Puerto Rico and Latin America, which has remained in force for 45 years in the salsa genre.

3 years ago Sammy retired from the Middle Conservatory of Music of Mayagüez Puerto Rico. For 32 years he worked as a percussion teacher. In that school he created a percussion ensemble and directed several orchestras and classical music groups. He also created a blog, found here:

In recent years, Sammy has been teaching online classes and talks about music and percussion concepts in different parts of the island.