Material: Chromed Steel
Features: A complete hardware solution offering maximum versatility for Timbale players to mount bells, blocks cymbals, and more. Designed to fit most Timbale brands.

Inspired by Master Timbalero Luisito Quintero, Gon Bops offers a complete set of hardware designed to mount bells, blocks, cymbals and more to any Timbale set. It provides maximum versatility in a rock-solid platform, offering premium features like X-Pand Quick Release Ratchets, TechLock Clamps with large reset handles and secondary drum key locks. The 7-piece set includes a 1/2" x 9.5" square rod for Gon Bops Timbales and a 3/8" x 9.5" round rod to fit both our Alex Acuna and Luisito Timbale models, as well as other timbale brands. In addition to the mounting rods, the set includes a ½" diameter Knurled Straight Rod, a ½" diameter Toothless Rod with two TechLock Clamps and secondary drum key locks, a pair of ½" diameter Toothless Rods with one TechLock Clamp and secondary drum key lock, and a 17" (432mm) Cymbal Boom Arm with Tilter.  Note - this hardware set does not fit our Fiesta Series or our Orestes Vilato Series Timbales.