15th Podcast Episode features Bernie Dresel!

We’re excited to announce our 15th episode on our podcast, Percussion Loft, featuring the great Bernie Dresel!  One of LA’s busiest session and live drummers.  His band, The BBB Featuring Bernie Dresel is one of LA’s most exciting large jazz ensembles, releasing 3 albums.  In this interview, we’ll be featuring songs from Bern Bern Bern and The Pugilist, including, in this order of play, “Zuit Soot”, “Bern Bern Bern”, “The Pugilist”, “Lulu’s Back In Town” and “Suite B”. Bernie is also one of TV & Film industry’s most in-demand session percussionists, playing on top film and TV soundtracks, using various Gon Bops instruments on his sessions. More info can be found on his website – berniedresel.com.   Click on our website’s Podcast Page link to hear the episode and it can also be heard wherever you podcast.

Percussion Loft 14th Episode featuring Roberto Quintero

We’re excited to announce that our 14th episode on our podcast, Percussion Loft, is now live, featuring the great Roberto Quintero!!  Originally from Venezuela, Roberto comes from a distinguished family of musicians and has made a respected name for himself, playing with many greats including Oscar de Leon, Celia Cruz, Eddie Palmeri and Marc Anthony, to name just a few.  Roberto has multiple releases, including the Grammy-nominated “Quintero Salsa Project” with his cousin, Luisito Quintero.  Enjoy this great conversation including some tracks from his solo album, “Transmission”.  Now available here on our Percussion Loft Podcast as well as wherever you get your podcasts!  

Introducing Gon Bops Player Wear!

Announcing the launch of our new extensive line of Gon Bops Player Wear!!   We’re excited to bring you an entirely new line of Gon Bops ‘Swag’ today, expanding further than anything we’ve previously offered.  Our new line of Player Wear includes t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, a variety of hats and beanies, coffee cups, carrying bags, cell phone covers and even baby wear!  Whatever your Gon Bops swag needs are – we now got you covered!!   Check out our new feature video clip here and go to the Gon Bops Wear tab in the Products section of our website for more info, details and pricing.

Gon Bops Player Wear Video

Podcast episode # 13 Featuring Andy Zildjian!

On this, our 13th episode on our podcast, The Percussion Loft, we’re excited to feature our fearless leader, President of Sabian & Gon bops – Andy Zildjian!   In 2010, Sabian acquired Gon Bops  from the DW drum company.  Andy has quite a story to tell, having essentially been born into the music products industry.  He’s experienced all facets of the industry, from working in the warehouse, to factory production, to working in retail, to traveling as a road salesman and eventually, running the whole organization. It’s an industry that he absolutely loves and it shows.  With his incredible success with Sabian including his long-time employees, his warm relationship to his customers, to his very loyal internationally-acclaimed artist roster, Andy makes everyone feel like part of the ‘family’…the Sabian & Gon Bops family.  And if you’ve met him, you know he’s having a great time doing it.

Gon Bops Live featuring Eagles’ Percussionist/Drummer Scott Crago!

Our next Gon Bops Live show will featuring long-time Eagles’ percussionist/drummer, Gon Bops’ artist Scott Crago and his drum tech, Kevin Pintado!  Scott has been the backup drummer/percussionist for this legendary band for over 25 years now and will share his experiences playing live, recording with them and co-producing their Long Road Out Of Eden album.   Scott has also worked with a host of other artists including Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Venice, Bob Seger, Bryan Adams and even The Bee Gees!   Kevin has teched for years with many acts including Christine Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Demi Lovato, American Idol, Stevie Wonder and many more.  He’ll share his insight into what it takes to be a successful tech.

Join us!!

Percussion Loft Welcomes Brad Dutz!

We’re proud to welcome Gon Bops’ artist Brad Dutz to our podcast, the Percussion Loft!  Brad is truly one of the most creative and talented percussionists in the world today.  He’s recorded/released 34 albums under his own name and is known for his highly eclectic and adventurous approach.  Continually playing traditional instruments in non-traditional ways, Brad is someone who defines the term ‘play’.   His approach IS playful…but very serious, meaning he’s spent years perfecting his craft.  We’re happy to welcome him to this, our 12th episode!  Order of play – clips of Brad’s original music:  “Mix DoBop”, “Vibes Shapes”, “Centipede”, “Oskar Organized the Organic Oil, Olives & Okra” and “Transcribing ‘Trane Takes Time”. 

Percussion Loft Welcomes Willy Calderon!

We’re happy to welcome composer/percussionist Willy Calderon to the Percussion Loft!   This Columbian-American musician has  appeared on various hit TV shows including Bones, Jane The Virgin and America’s Got Talent, has scored music for the video game world and has performed with countless artists in both the Latin and Pop genres.   In this, our 11th episode, we discuss Willy’s varied background, his approach to navigating between music styles and also hear some tracks from his great new Grammy-nominated album, “LA Impromptu”!   Contact us for the order of songs played on this episode.  Welcome Willy!!

Our 10th Podcast Episode is Live featuring ORESTES VILATO!

The great Orestes Vilato, a true Cuban legend, is considered to be one of the most influential timbaleros and bongoceros in the world of percussion today.  He’s paved the way for so many greats percussionists, players like Luis Conte and Luisito Quintero who quote Orestes as one of their main influences.  Orestes was at the center of the Salsa music explosion in the ’70s, having played with greats like Chico O’Farrill, Lionel Hampton, Ray Barretto, Celia Cruz, Ruben Blades and many more.  He’s also worked with popular music icons like Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Santana, Willie Nelson and even Oscar-winning actor, Andy Garcia!  Orestes is a Signature artist for Gon Bops, helping us to create his unique, light-weight aluminum-shell Timbales.  His drums are the favorite of many of our artists today.  We’re so happy to have him on the show – this our 10th episode to round out 2021!   

Gon Bops podcast The Percussion Loft now featuring Luisito Quintero!

Our 9th episode features Grammy winning percussionist/Gon Bops Signature artist Luisito Quintero.  Hailing from Caracas, Venezuela, Luisito comes from a lineage of distinguished musicians.  He has performed with a host of music’s greats including Oscar D’Leon, Jack DeJohnette, Tito Puente, Alicia Keys and the Spanish Harlem Orchestra.  Quintero was a member of Chick Corea’s  Grammy-winning Spanish Heart Band, performing and recording with the music legend up till his untimely passing. Luisito’s solo recordings include Percussion Madness, Third Element and the Quintero Salsa Project – a project he shares with his cousin, Roberto Quintero.  Our Luisito Quintero Signature Series timbales remains one of our most sought-after products.   We’re proud to welcome him to the Percussion Loft!  This episode is offered in both English and Spanish. (Contact us for song titles appearing on this episode)