Gon Bops’ “Percussion Loft” Podcast adds new episodes!

Our podcast show, “Percussion Loft” has recently added new, fascinating episodes!   Since February, we’ve now added conversations with  Eliel Lazo, Lenny Castro, Jamey Haddad and just this week – Daniel de los Reyes!   Check out their fun, interesting stores and hear some of their original music too!   Available on our website and also on both Apple and Spotify podcasts.  Perfect for a long drive or commute!   Welcome these great Gon Bops percussion artists to the “Percussion Loft”!


We’re very excited and proud to bring you some very special new instruments this year, featuring collaborations with two legendary percussionists – ALEX ACUNA and LENNY CASTRO!

First, adding to our existing line of Alex Acuna Signature instruments, we bring you our new ALEX ACUNA TRIPLE SHAKER!

The Alex Acuna Triple Shaker is highly versatile, providing the player with various, exciting playing options.   12” in length, our Acuna Triple Shaker features 3 separate tubes, fastened together by heavy duty, rubber clips.  Easily separated, giving the option of playing a single, double or triple shake combination, to accommodate any desired volume level and timbre.   Constructed from lightweight, sturdy plastic in a stunning high-gloss finish, the Alex Acuna Triple Shaker joins our state-of-the-art Alex Acuna Signature instrument series!

12” in length

3 separate, plastic shaker tubes, fastened by heavy duty rubber clips, easily separated

Single, double or triple shaker application, to provide desired volume level and timbre for any situation


Warm, rich tones

Stunning, high-gloss black finish


Here’s a video featuring Alex, demonstrating his great new shaker:

Alex Acuna Triple Shaker


Next, we’re very excited to premiere our new LENNY CASTRO SIGNATURE SERIES CONGAS AND BONGOS!! 

Our new Lenny Castro Signature Series Congas and Bongos feature Asian Oak shells and come with teardrop top rings, for ease of extended playing time.  Each head is hand-selected from natural rawhide, providing a warm, rich tone and features Lenny’s hand-drawn skull logo.  Gon Bops Lenny Castro Series drums boast eye-popping, exciting original artwork, highlighting Lenny’s identifiable sunglasses, skull and conga sketches.   A true reflection of this master percussionist, at an approachable price range.   

Asian Oak Shells

Featuring Bongos and four conga sizes –  Quinto, Conga, Tumba and Super Tumba

Teardrop Comfort Top Rings

Natural rawhide heads with Lenny Castro hand-drawn skull logo

Custom Lenny Castro original artwork finish

Smart, approachable price category

Here’s our feature video of Lenny playing his new Series:

Lenny Castro Signature Series Congas & Bongos


Please visit our product pages for more info, including pricing, model numbers and dimensions!


Podcast Episode #3 – Tony Braunagel!

Announcing the next episode from our podcast-the “Percussion Loft”, featuring Grammy winning drummer/percussionist Tony Braunagel! Check out this colorful, informative conversation, from his early days in Texas to his many award-winning recordings and his love for Gon Bops as a producer and player. Visit our Podcast page to hear the episode (Also available on both Apple and Spotify Podcasts)

Podcast Episode #02 – Alex Acuna!

We’re excited to announce the premiere of Episode #02, from our podcast the Percussion Loft!  In this episode, we feature our flagship Signature artist, the one & only Alex Acuna!  Check out this in-depth, lively conversation, as we span his amazing 40-plus year career, from his early days in Peru, to his move to the States working with Weather Report and his countless recordings.  We also review his stellar list of Signature Gon Bops’ instruments.   Also featuring selections from his solo recordings (details and playlist order in episode description).

Luisito, Anderson and Roberto Quintero!

Join us this Thursday for our next Live Broadcast conversation with Luisito Quintero, his son Anderson Quintero and their cousin, Roberto Quintero!  The 2nd of 2 in our series entitled “Familia”, we’ll visit with the amazing Quintero music family and explore their vast reach across various genres.  See you then!  Thursday, November 19th at 11am, PST.  Live on both Facebook and YouTube!

Walfredo & Danny Reyes Live Broadcast!

Join us this Thursday for our next Live Broadcast conversation with Walfredo de los Reyes Sr. and his son, Daniel de los Reyes!  The 1st of 2 in our next series entitled “Familia”, we’ll dig into the amazing Reyes musical family and their incredible influence on the percussion world.   See you then!  Thursday, November 5th at 1pm, PST.  Live on both Facebook and YouTube!

Gon Bops Podcast!

“Gon Bops Percussion Loft” – Gon Bops New Podcast is now LIVE!
Episode 01 features Jack Johnson’s drummer/percussionist Adam Topol.  He shares his eclectic influences, his beginnings and his love for Cuban folkloric music.  We review his choices of various Gon Bops instruments and hear selections from his various albums including Blue Painted Walls in Faraway Places, Ritmo Y Canto, Regardless of the Dark and his latest –   Cuando.

Gon Bops Podcast

Gon Bops Live Discussion featuring Alex Acuna, Brad Dutz & MB Gordy!

Please join us if you can, this coming Thursday October 8th at 11am, PST for what will be a very fun, informative discussion with three masters of percussion recording – Alex Acuna, Brad Dutz and MB Gordy! This is the 2nd part in a 2 part series where we’re focusing on Film and TV percussion recording. If you missed last week’s show, you can find it archived on both our YouTube and Facebook pages, which featured discussion with Lenny Castro, Bernie Dresel and Walter Rodriguez. Check that show out if you missed it.
Hope to see you this Thursday!!

Jamie Oldaker September 5, 1951 – July 16, 2020

Our hearts go out to the family of Jamie Oldaker, who recently passed away at the age of 68.  Jamie left an enduring mark in the world of music, spanning over 40 years of great contributions to the art of drumming. He collaborated with Eric Clapton on 11 albums, including the iconic Slowhand record and his groove from that one album has been studied and imitated countless times.  One of the great pockets in Rock drumming, Jamie influenced so many great drummers whom we all love including Russ McKinnon and Jim Keltner…both also native sons of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  

We at Gon Bops are honored to have known him, to have him as an endorsee and to call him our friend.  We will miss him always.

The Gon Bops Family

Gon Bops Releases New Products for 2020!

We’re excited to feature these great new products for 2020.   Starting with our new Asian Oak Alex Acuna 14” Djembe, this drum features a monster bass tone, great highs from the Remo Skydeep head and a sleek look with our Gon Bops Special Edition hardware.

Next, we’re proud to create 2 new tambourines, constructed with Asian Oak with master percussionist Lenny Castro!  The Single-Row features warm articulate brass jingles, while the Double-Row uses bright and cutting stainless steel jingles.  Both come with natural cowskin, providing great performance.

Designed with the rigorous demands of the Banda musician, our new stainless steel Banda Snare Drum features 24 lugs, 42-strand snares and an ultra-smooth, ball-action throw-off, plus a 2-ply head with triple-flanged hoops. 

We’ve rounded our our new 2020 offerings with three useful accessories.  Our new light-weight Djembe Stand packs up nicely to fit in any hardware trap case, while maintaining the strength needed for any style and multi-angled adjusting.   Our new Hi-Hat Jingle Ring features a lightweight, cool vintage vibe, low profile to give the player that extra tambourine sound atop the hi-hat.  Finally our new black, Cajon Seat Pad, provides a comfortable, non-slip seat with pockets for your sticks, mallets, brushes or smaller hand percussion…or even for your electronics/mobile devices.

Check out our new products today!