DanielAdairGON BOPS has just announced that Daniel Adair, drummer for Canadian multi-platinum recording artists Nickelback, has come into their artists fold. Daniel is one of the most exciting drummers on the scene today, and besides his well-known work with Nickelback, he has also performed with major artists like Theory of a Deadman, Billy Gibbons and Lynyrd Skynyrd, to name but a few.

Although best known as a drumset player, Daniel is often called upon to provide percussion accompaniment in studio, especially his own Vault 101 recording facility. Recent recordings featuring Daniel on percussion are the Jet Black Stare album “In This Life,” and Joel Hoekstra’s “13 Acoustic Songs.”

“Joining the GON BOPS family was an easy decision for me,” writes Adair. “It’s a brand that has always been on my radar, and now that I’ve had a chance to see, touch and play the instruments, I’m truly impressed by the design and craftsmanship. I often get the call to provide percussion parts while recording, so I’m excited to get GON BOPS into my studio.”

“We’re thrilled that Daniel has joined the GON BOPS family,” adds GON BOPS International Sales Manager Terry Ryan. “Daniel is very well known in the industry, and his presence on the roster has strengthened our brand immensely.”

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