Phil M WebsiteGon Bops endorser Phil Maturano has recently announced the launch of his highly-anticipated Inner Clock 2. An interactive play-along method that includes tunes, charts, insight, interviews, and much more, it’s the follow-up to his successful Hal Leonard release Inner Clock 1.

The Inner Clock method was conceived by Phil circa 1995 at P.I.T in LA. While teaching Big Band and Ensemble Technique, Phil noticed a huge gap in his students’ abilities to turn charts into music. While many were good readers, they couldn’t make the jump from the page to the heart!

As a result, Phil compiled sequenced parts of the musical phrases that gave them the most trouble. As a result, his students could now play over them and read the figures as many times as needed.

“Well, my little sequenced parts were a hit and soon all my students started asking for them,” comments Maturano.

In time, Phil zeroed in and discovered it wasn’t so much the reading as it was a lack of experience with subdivisions and phrases. Internalizing rhythmic figures and interpreting them meant returning to the basic principles of music.

And so, with the collaboration of a number of very generous musicians and friends, the Inner Clock method was born. His first book “Working the Inner Clock” (Hal Leonard) is used in drum schools and conservatories worldwide. The book is loved by all drummers who work with it and has proven to be a most effective tool in many areas of drumming.

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