Gon Bops Introduces The Bucket Shekere!

Based on the Xequebalde, a Brazilian folk instrument, the new Gon Bops Bucket Shekere (PSHEKBK) is the first of its kind to be manufactured outside of Brazil. Quite literally a hybrid of a metal bucket and a shekere, the Bucket Shekere can be played in hand like a traditional shekere, or placed on a stand — a snare stand works perfectly — and played with brushes.

The Bucket Shekere is also the first Will Phillips signature instrument for Gon Bops. Captivated by Brazilian music, Will spent time studying and performing in Brazil, and was greatly inspired by the rich musical heritage he found there. One instrument that captured his attention was the Xequebalde, an instrument that varied in style as much as the players who made them. Will’s design reflects his own fresh interpretation of this uniquely Brazilian instrument.

The Gon Bops Bucket Shekere is designed primarily to be super light, for long-playing comfort and provides a rich, warm percussive attack. It’s crafted from lightweight aluminum, and its shell stands 8 in height with a 12.5 opening.

For more information, please visit: https://www.gonbops.com/products-category/shekere/

Gon Bops Welcomes Tony Moreaux Charon!

Tony Moreaux Charon is a member of the Afro-Cuban All Stars (Buena Vista Social Club) led by Juan de Marcos Gonzalez…the most important figures in Cuban music today. Other artists Tony’s played with include the legendary jazz guitarist and vocalist George Benson, Jazz trumpet Roy Hargrove, Santana’s conga player Raul Rekow, Luis Conte and many others including pop, jazz and Latin bands in Europe.  We’re proud to welcome this great player!

Gon Bops Welcomes Yissy Garcia!

Gon Bops welcomes drummer/percussionist/composer Yissy García! Yissy is one of the most respected artists to emerge from a particularly exciting new generation of Cuban musicians. Considered to be the islands most prominent female percussionist and one of its most dynamic and innovative performers, she demonstrates the art of combining traps and percussion, drawing from both folkloric and popular Cuban music as well as contemporary jazz and funk styles.  For more info, please visit her artist page!

Gon Bops introduces Fiesta Mini-Cajon Shakers!

Gon Bops new Fiesta Mini-Cajon Shakers are a smartly-packaged four-pack of mini-cajon shakers, each of these fun shakers offers a distinct shaker tone, offering 4 cool sounds per box. Cherry Bomb, Lime Crush, Ultra Violet and White Magic colors make a great addition to your collection of shakers, or make a perfect gift for the young percussionist in your life. With their premium eco-friendly box packaging, they make an attractive counter-top item at any retail location.

Congratulations Gon Bops Grammy Winners!

Congratuations to Gon Bops artists – Grammy Winners Luisito Quintero and MB Gordy!!  Luisito won Best Tropical Latin Album last night for his band Spanish Harlem.  MB Gordy took the trophy home last night for Best New Age Album, with his band Opium Moon.   We wish Luisito and MB our sincere and excited congrats!!  We’re proud to have you in our family!

Gon Bops adds lightweight Foot Pedal Stand!

Foot Bell Stand Folded PPDLSTD2

Gon Bops announces a new Foot Pedal Stand, designed for gigging professionals who want a strong but lightweight stand! Sturdy and very portable, the new stand is extremely lightweight and folds easily into your travel bag, making it a perfect choice to take on the road. It attaches easily to any standard bass drum pedal and offers a 3/8″ diameter adjustable post that slides to the exact position for your cowbells, blocks, tambourines or other mountable small percussion instruments.

Gon Bops adds Sleigh Bells!

Gon Bops new 25-Jingle Sleigh Bells offer that traditional sleigh bell sound, ideal for any celebratory occasion.  With its ergo wooden handle and shiny steel bells, this classic instrument is perfect for holiday music or other uses like alternative percussive sound effects, traditional English Morris folk dancing, or symphonic applications like Mahler’s Symphony No. 4.   A must-have in any percussionist’s bag.



With the announcement of 4 new Fiesta Djembes, Gon Bops introduces a whole new level of sound and quality to the student/beginner level Djembe range.

“These are not the most inexpensive djembes at the introductory level,” comments Gon Bops brand specialist Luis Cardoso, “but they offer features that clearly stand out in the entry-level crowd, such as REMO Suede heads and quality Mango wood construction.”

Offered in matching colors to the Gon Bops Fiesta Color Cajon line − Ultra Violet, Lime Crush, Cherry Bomb and White Magic − Fiesta Djembes are crafted from quality Mango wood at dimensions of 10” diameter x 19” height. The REMO white suede heads deliver an extremely wide range of tone that can be easily tuned for pitches from a doumbek to a djembe.


Gon Bops has just announced a deeper Djembe selection for 2019, including a new 10” model in the Mariano line. Like the 12” Mariano Djembe, the new 10” instrument is crafted from Durian wood for extreme lightness and strength, with a compact top ring that’s designed to fit nice and tight to the player’s body. An exceptional high-tuning capability delivers strong bass and high, cutting slaps. The REMO Black Suede head is smooth to the touch and provides excellent warmth and articulation. Extremely light, the 10” Mariano Djembe is a killer sounding, portable instrument that’s ready to go on the road!


New Gon Bops Fiesta bells are crafted from clear-coated raw steel and offer excellent sound and performance at a very smart price. The eye-bolt pull clamp accommodates mounting rods up to 3/8”.

 The Fiesta Cha-Cha (FS053) and Cha-Cha Alto bells (FS043) offer clear, high-pitched tone. Designed to be mounted, they can also be played handheld for desired muted tones.

 The Fiesta Timbale Bell (FS084) is designed to mount on a timbale or drum set. Medium-pitched, it is ideal for playing articulate rhythmic patterns in both percussion and drum sets. 

 The Fiesta Rock bell (FS085) offers dry, low-pitched tone that cuts cleanly through the loudest music, providing maximum versatility for both drumset and percussion set-ups. 

 The Fiesta Agogo bell (FSAG011) offers brightness and pitch for Samba, Salsa or even mainstream music. The tone is clear and bright.