We’re very excited and proud to bring you some very special new instruments this year, featuring collaborations with two legendary percussionists – ALEX ACUNA and LENNY CASTRO!

First, adding to our existing line of Alex Acuna Signature instruments, we bring you our new ALEX ACUNA TRIPLE SHAKER!

The Alex Acuna Triple Shaker is highly versatile, providing the player with various, exciting playing options.   12” in length, our Acuna Triple Shaker features 3 separate tubes, fastened together by heavy duty, rubber clips.  Easily separated, giving the option of playing a single, double or triple shake combination, to accommodate any desired volume level and timbre.   Constructed from lightweight, sturdy plastic in a stunning high-gloss finish, the Alex Acuna Triple Shaker joins our state-of-the-art Alex Acuna Signature instrument series!

12” in length

3 separate, plastic shaker tubes, fastened by heavy duty rubber clips, easily separated

Single, double or triple shaker application, to provide desired volume level and timbre for any situation


Warm, rich tones

Stunning, high-gloss black finish


Here’s a video featuring Alex, demonstrating his great new shaker:

Alex Acuna Triple Shaker


Next, we’re very excited to premiere our new LENNY CASTRO SIGNATURE SERIES CONGAS AND BONGOS!! 

Our new Lenny Castro Signature Series Congas and Bongos feature Asian Oak shells and come with teardrop top rings, for ease of extended playing time.  Each head is hand-selected from natural rawhide, providing a warm, rich tone and features Lenny’s hand-drawn skull logo.  Gon Bops Lenny Castro Series drums boast eye-popping, exciting original artwork, highlighting Lenny’s identifiable sunglasses, skull and conga sketches.   A true reflection of this master percussionist, at an approachable price range.   

Asian Oak Shells

Featuring Bongos and four conga sizes –  Quinto, Conga, Tumba and Super Tumba

Teardrop Comfort Top Rings

Natural rawhide heads with Lenny Castro hand-drawn skull logo

Custom Lenny Castro original artwork finish

Smart, approachable price category

Here’s our feature video of Lenny playing his new Series:

Lenny Castro Signature Series Congas & Bongos


Please visit our product pages for more info, including pricing, model numbers and dimensions!


Gon Bops Introduces The Bucket Shekere!

Based on the Xequebalde, a Brazilian folk instrument, the new Gon Bops Bucket Shekere (PSHEKBK) is the first of its kind to be manufactured outside of Brazil. Quite literally a hybrid of a metal bucket and a shekere, the Bucket Shekere can be played in hand like a traditional shekere, or placed on a stand — a snare stand works perfectly — and played with brushes.

The Bucket Shekere is also the first Will Phillips signature instrument for Gon Bops. Captivated by Brazilian music, Will spent time studying and performing in Brazil, and was greatly inspired by the rich musical heritage he found there. One instrument that captured his attention was the Xequebalde, an instrument that varied in style as much as the players who made them. Will’s design reflects his own fresh interpretation of this uniquely Brazilian instrument.

The Gon Bops Bucket Shekere is designed primarily to be super light, for long-playing comfort and provides a rich, warm percussive attack. It’s crafted from lightweight aluminum, and its shell stands 8 in height with a 12.5 opening.

For more information, please visit: https://www.gonbops.com/products-category/shekere/

Day 2 @ NAMM 2015

The GB gang's all here! #NAMM15

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Meet amazing timbalero Daniel Rodriguez, newest member of the GB family!

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Al Velasquez on the GB Flamenco cajon! #NAMM15

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NAMM 2015 Day 1 Highlights

Collapsible Cajon anyone. #cosmoatnamm #gonbops

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Gon Bops California Series CongasWe are happy to announce that California Series Congas and Bongos are once again available from the finest drums shops in the world. The only hand-crafted congas and bongos from a major North-American manufacturer, Gon Bops California series drums have consistently set the bar by which all other percussion instruments are measured. Available in 5 sizes (from Super Quinto to Super Tumba) and two spectacular finishes, these legendary drums are the real deal, on-stage and in-studio. Play one today!


El Toro Cajon_CJFLBNamed after acclaimed percussionist and educator Efrain Toro, widely recognized as one of the finest and most complete percussionists in the world, the El Toro is the latest model from the Gon Bops Cajon Shop in Peru. Crafted from solid Peruvian Mohena hardwood, the El Toro Cajon features inner guitar strings for authentic Flamenco Cajon sound. And yes, it looks and sounds simply stunning!

One of its most striking characteristics is the angled front contour design, which contributes to great bass and excellent snap. It really is a Cajon that’s easy to sound great on. Like all Gon Bops Peruvian Cajons, it comes with a free gig bag; in this case the bag is form fitted to fit snugly around the El Toro slanted front end.

Available in a jet-black matte finish, the El Toro delivers an astonishing range of tone, from snappy highs to deep, resonant lows. Large rubber feet ensure ample bass tones don’t get lost in the floor. Hand-made and meticulously tested in Peru by skilled craftsmen, this is a beautiful sounding instrument that’s built to last, it’s sure to be appreciated by novice and professional level musicians alike.


VTB1415 Orestes Vilato Signature TimbaleGon Bops is pleased to announce the release of a strikingly unique and innovative Timbale set designed with legendary Timbalero Orestes Vilato. Available as a 14”/15” set with stand, these beautiful instruments are the culmination of years of work by Vilato and Gon Bops.

“There were a number of objectives I wanted to achieve with this Timbale, primarily weight, sound and look.” comments Vilato, “First, I wanted to design a lighter instrument, which I believe is important to working musicians who must transport their own instruments.”

The lightness is achieved primarily by manufacturing shells from aluminum, and by utilizing a shallow pan design; both features are exclusive to Gon Bops among major percussion manufacturers. But the aluminum shells provide more than lightness, they also deliver warm cascara and plenty of volume.

“The original timbales played by slaves in Cuba were often made from cooking pails, thus the name, ‘Paila’ which literally means ‘pail,’” says Vilato. “The Timbale derives from the Timpani, and came about as an attempt to make the Timpani smaller and more portable. In a sense, these new Timbales are a modern extension of that goal as we strive for lighter, shallower Timbales that sound very traditional.”

“The shallow pan design is important to Orestes’ style of playing. He likes to play under the Timbale to widen his palette of sound and for the spectacle as well,” says Gon Bops head of manufacturing John Teague. “The shorter pan makes this easier to accomplish and also lends the instrument a quicker response.”

Perhaps the most important objective in designing the new signature Timbale was building an instrument with classical Timbale sound.

“Timbale technique did not develop from drum rudiments, it came from Timpani technique,” says Vilato. “Today you most often see drumset guys playing Timbale, using much heavier drumsticks, and playing with a speed and volume that is simply not part of the tradition. To me, it doesn’t even sound like Timbale. Classical Timbale technique is simple and clean, it involves single sticking, not rolls, and the sticks used were very light, probably made from the wood from a Guava tree. This gives you that sharp, whip-like Timbale sound, something we very much wanted to achieve with this instrument.”