Zac Brown has just announced that “Uncaged”, the band’s latest album, will be released on July 10, 2012. The band has also just added percussionist Daniel de los Reyes to its line-up. Adding Reyes to the current rhythm section of bassist John Driskell Hopkins and drummer Chris Fryar allows the band to expand its sound into new territory. Daniel has performed with Earth, Wind & Fire, Sheryl Crow, Sting, Don Henley, Peter Frampton, Jennifer Lopez and many more.

“[It] creates a new kind of pulse within the band,” leader Zac told the Associated Press, noting that the band’s music is “really about making people dance.”

Zac Brown Band’s current lineup consists of singer/guitarist Zac Brown, violinist/singer Jimmy DeMartini, bassist/singer John Driskell Hopkins, guitarist/organist Coy Bowles, multi-instrumentalist/singer Clay Cook and drummer Chris Fryar.


DanielAdairGON BOPS has just announced that Daniel Adair, drummer for Canadian multi-platinum recording artists Nickelback, has come into their artists fold. Daniel is one of the most exciting drummers on the scene today, and besides his well-known work with Nickelback, he has also performed with major artists like Theory of a Deadman, Billy Gibbons and Lynyrd Skynyrd, to name but a few.

Although best known as a drumset player, Daniel is often called upon to provide percussion accompaniment in studio, especially his own Vault 101 recording facility. Recent recordings featuring Daniel on percussion are the Jet Black Stare album “In This Life,” and Joel Hoekstra’s “13 Acoustic Songs.”

“Joining the GON BOPS family was an easy decision for me,” writes Adair. “It’s a brand that has always been on my radar, and now that I’ve had a chance to see, touch and play the instruments, I’m truly impressed by the design and craftsmanship. I often get the call to provide percussion parts while recording, so I’m excited to get GON BOPS into my studio.”

“We’re thrilled that Daniel has joined the GON BOPS family,” adds GON BOPS International Sales Manager Terry Ryan. “Daniel is very well known in the industry, and his presence on the roster has strengthened our brand immensely.”


Brent-Fitz-drummingBrent Fitz, Canadian born drummer and recording artist has just announced he is joining GON BOPS’ growing artist roster. Best known as a drummer, Brent is well known for his work with Theory of a Deadman, Alice Cooper, Vince Neil, Union, The Guess Who, Lamya, Streetheart, Harlequin, Econoline Crush, and Indigenous. He is currently the drummer for former Guns’n’Roses/Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash.

“Brent is one of the most sought after drummers working today. His resume reads like a who’s who of Rock N’ Roll! He brings a professional, no-drama vibe with him where ever he goes, and we’re honored he has joined our family”, says GON BOPS International Sales Manager Terry Ryan.

Brent got his start playing drums at a very young age and participated heavily in his middle school and high school music programs. He began formal training in music theory from the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto) as a child and continued throughout his teenage years. He’s a skilled piano player as well as a guitar player and back-up vocalist!

“I’m pretty psyched to be on the GON BOPS artist roster,” says Fitz. “I’ve already incorporated the Red Rock Bell into my set-up, and when I’m done the tour, I’ll definitely be sitting down to look at adding more GON BOPS to my rig.”

A native of Winnipeg, MB, Brent Fitz lived in LA for a number of years before moving to his current residence in Las Vegas.


USA - Music - Alex Acuna Performs at NAMMWe are pleased to announce that legendary percussionist and drummer ALEX ACUNA will be performing with SABIAN Cymbals and GON BOPS Percussion at the Agora Stage on Saturday, April 13th from 4.00 to 4.30pm.

Alex’s accomplishments and the impressive list of artists he has performed and recorded with are nothing short of breathtaking. U2, Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald, Whitney Houston, Sergio Mendes, Chick Corea, Carlos Santana, Herbie Hancock and Tito Puente are just a few names from a very long list that also includes Elvis Presley and Diana Ross.

Alex is perhaps best known for his work with legendary jazz-fusion band Weather Report and played on the ground-breaking albums “Black Market” and “Heavy Weather”.

Der Legendäre Percussionist und Schlagzeuger ALEX ACUNA führt in einer Soloperformance am Samstag, 13. April, von 16h — 16.30h. auf der Agora Stage SABIAN Becken und Gon Bops Percussion Instrumente vor.

Die Liste von Künstlern mit denen ALEX ACUNA zusammengearbeitet hat macht Sprachlos. U2, Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald, Whitney Houston, Sergio Mendes, Chick Corea, Carlos Santana, Herbie Hancock and Tito Puente um nur einige zu nennen.

Außerdem hat er mit Elvis Presley und Diana Ross gespielt. 1975 trat er der Legendären Jazz-Fusion Band „Weather Report“ bei und spielte auf den bekannten Alben: „Black Market“ und „Heavy Weather“.


Phil M WebsiteGon Bops endorser Phil Maturano has recently announced the launch of his highly-anticipated Inner Clock 2. An interactive play-along method that includes tunes, charts, insight, interviews, and much more, it’s the follow-up to his successful Hal Leonard release Inner Clock 1.

The Inner Clock method was conceived by Phil circa 1995 at P.I.T in LA. While teaching Big Band and Ensemble Technique, Phil noticed a huge gap in his students’ abilities to turn charts into music. While many were good readers, they couldn’t make the jump from the page to the heart!

As a result, Phil compiled sequenced parts of the musical phrases that gave them the most trouble. As a result, his students could now play over them and read the figures as many times as needed.

“Well, my little sequenced parts were a hit and soon all my students started asking for them,” comments Maturano.

In time, Phil zeroed in and discovered it wasn’t so much the reading as it was a lack of experience with subdivisions and phrases. Internalizing rhythmic figures and interpreting them meant returning to the basic principles of music.

And so, with the collaboration of a number of very generous musicians and friends, the Inner Clock method was born. His first book “Working the Inner Clock” (Hal Leonard) is used in drum schools and conservatories worldwide. The book is loved by all drummers who work with it and has proven to be a most effective tool in many areas of drumming.

For more information, and to sign up for 4 free IC2 video lessons, please visit


GON BOPS has announced that Neil Sanderson, drummer for Canadian Platinum-selling recording artists Three Days Grace, has joined its growing artist roster. Listing his influences as John Bonham, Danny Carey and Phil Rudd, Neil plays a style that’s dynamic, and groove-heavy. Like the wide-open approach he takes to the kit, Neil leads a life that’s rich with nuance.

Although best known as a drumset player, Neil is a talented and dynamic multi-instrumentalist. Gon Bops Cowbells, Shakers and Tambourines are an essential part of his set-up. Gon Bops instruments will also play a significant role in his songwriting and studio work.

“I’m thrilled to be playing Gon Bops,” says Sanderson. “It’s a legendary brand, and I’m truly impressed with the design and craftsmanship. I’m really looking forward to getting more GON BOPS instruments into my studio.”

“It’s great to have Neil join the GON BOPS family,” adds GON BOPS International Sales Manager Terry Ryan. “He’s a great drummer, a wonderful individual, and having him on our roster certainly strengthens our brand.”

When he’s not touring and recording with Three Days Grace, Neil lives happily in Ontario, Canada.